Life Members

AVFRD Life Members are those who members with fifteen (15) years of active department membership. Lifetime category members are corporation members and have lifetime voting privileges in the company.  We thank the following Life Members for their many years of dedicated service to Ashburn Volunteer Fire and Rescue Department and the communities that we serve:

Jackie L Biller
Michael F Bower
Gerald L Brown
Melvin L Byrne
Daniel J Davidson
Gabriel J Deukmaji
Howard A Dotson
Joy L Dotson
Walton B Eamich Jr.
Loretta L Eamich
Jerry R Earnest
Charles T Fletcher
Ronald L Fletcher
William C Groot
Lucinda H Habib
Jack Harding
Robert Howser
Steven L Johnson
Kenneth R Lawson
Carl E Lewis
Anne Marie Mason
Steven A Messina
Barbara J Murphy
Stanley J Murphy
James Muth (Sr.)
Donna J Muth
John D Parker
Trent M Phillips
Christie E Quijano
Miguel A Quijano
Warren Rowland
Mike N Sanders
Floyd Simpson
David A Snider
Bart Stevens
Dave Thompson
Bobby Wealand
Jeffrey C Weir
Mark J Wood
Richard G Wrenn

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