AVFRD is proud of our service to our community, so it’s always nice to hear from those whom we serve.  Here are some of the testimonials we’ve received from the community.
If you would like to send a testimonial to AVFRD, it can be sent to testimonials@ashburnfirerescue.org

I am writing to commend three of your volunteers: John Edell, Mike Walsh, and Nick Schaff.
Last night I began choking on some rice, and I was unable to clear my throat. I called 911 and they dispatched this team. They arrived almost immediately and provided much needed assistance. They were patient, kind, and encouraging. They even comforted my wife, who was very distraught by the event.
They stayed with me for about 20 minutes, until I had expectorated all the rice lodged in my throat.
I am delighted to know that Ashburn can boast such outstanding professionals.
Thank you!
R.R. - Ashburn
Thank you AVFRD for rescuing my golden retriever from the icy lake! I was afraid he was not going to make it, but you ventured into the icy water and saved my “boy”. Thank you so much!
K.M. - Broadlands
We were so worried about dad! Your crew was calm and caring – so professional. Thankfully his heart attack was a mild one… Thank you!
B.J. - Landsdowne
Ya’ll have incredible response time! I was sitting in my home when I heard a car accident outside. Within minutes, ya’ll were there and doing your thing. Way to be alert and ready!
A.S. - Ashburn Farms
On the night of February 15, 2016 my nine year old grandson suffered a stroke and had to be transported to Fairfax Hospital. Despite the weather Station 6 professional staff got him there safely and in time to save his life. While I have made a donation to thank you and support the work you do, it is in no way equal to my gratitude. I can never thank the three men for their dedication and compassion that night. You are always in my prayers. I hope you know what I really mean when I say “thank you”.  You gave us a brighter tomorrow and a Happy New Year.
C.L. - Ashburn