Thank you to everyone who came out to support this year’s “Chilly Days Chili Fundraiser” hosted by Old Ox Brewery in support of the Ashburn Volunteer Fire and Rescue Department!

This year was AVFRD’s first annual Fire Truck Pull event in support of the fallen firefighter Trevor Brown and the other firefighters injured in the February 16th house explosion in Sterling.  We had 25 teams (with a maximum of 10 people) from Loudoun and surrounding counties signed up to compete for the fastest time to pull a fire truck (our beloved Hahn) 40 feet.  Pull times ranged from 18.70 seconds to 1:19:67, with some teams needing a little push from behind.  The victorious team was honored with the prestigious Fire Hydrant award and $100 Old Ox gift certificate.  The second-place team was awarded a $50 Old Ox Brewery Gift Card, and the third-place team received a $25 gift card, to be divided among all team members. Congratulations to our top three teams:

  • 1st Place – Loudoun Chamber Champions – 18.70 seconds
  • 2nd Place – BTI360 – 20.15 seconds
  • 3rd Place – Friday TT606 – 21.47 seconds

Many of the teams secured additional donations for the event and we would like to thank all of them, especially BTI360!

This event wasn’t just about pulling your back trying to pull a 30,000 truck, it was also the Toth Financial Annual Chili Cook-Off between local Ashburn Restaurants to see who makes the best chili.  This year we had 9 restaurants participate including:  DC Prime, Fountain Grill, Fleur De Cuisine, Ford’s Fish Shack, Neighbor’s, Rai’s Pizza, Rai’s Rendezvous, Texas Roadhouse, and Wicked Door Pub.  We would like to thank them for donating their time and chili for this annual event. Event participants had the opportunity to sample chili from all local restaurants, as well as both the AVFRD Firehouse Chili and Old Ox Brewery Chisholm Chili.  However, to maintain fairness and impartiality in the judging process, they were not in the competition.

Below is some additional information about the various chilis that were available for tasting.

  • DC Prime: Jager-Chili: a hunter/gatherer chili made with smoked duck, venison & mushrooms.
  • Ford’s Fish Shack: Nor’easter Chili is made with tenderloin, ground sirloin, Chorizo, and Black and White beans.
  • Neighbors: Neighbors Latin Chili features succulent ground beef simmered with tender red kidney beans, vibrant red and green peppers, and aromatic onions simmered in a rich tomato sauce. Adding a kick of heat are spicy jalapeños and garlic. But what sets this chili apart is the incorporation of sweet plantains, lending a unique Puerto Rican twist.
  • Old Ox Brewery: Chisholm Chili. Steeped in Chef Mat’s cultural heritage, this dish is a tribute to the Chisholm Trail, the cowboys and their horses. For a time after the Civil War cattle were driven from south Texas to the rail station in Abilene, Kansas. The live stock were transported to the north and eastern markets. Chili was a tasty way for the cowboys and crew to sustain themselves through this perilous journey utilizing what they had on hand, beef and chiles. Beef, onion, chiles, garlic, Golden Ox Ale, tomato and masa.
  • Rai’s Rendezvous: Harissa Chili with Aji Verde, Halloumi cheese, pickled red onion.
  • Rai’s Pizza: Rich & Hearty No-Bean Chili with short rib, Fresno peppers, cheddar and Jack cheeses.
  • Texas Roadhouse: Made from scratch Texas Style Chili with pieces of our filet and rib eye that we hand cut daily.

Wicket Door Pub: White Bean Chicken Chili with pulled smoked chicken, cannellini beans, sweet corn, Jalapeno and spices, finished with cilantro and lime.  Our esteemed panel of judges (Kevin Arbogast – Toth Financial, Gary Clemens – Clerk of the Loudoun County Circuit Court, Beth Erickson – Visit Loudoun, Chief Bill Graham – AVFRD, and Tony Howard – Loudon Chamber of Commerce) were responsible for tasting and judging all of entries, even the hot ones!  Congratulations to this year’s Judges’ Choice Award winners:

  • 1st Place – DC Prime
  • 2nd Place – Ford’s Fish Shack
  • 3rd Place – Rai’s Pizza

Those who came out to support this event also were able to taste all the chilis and vote for their favorite.   Congratulations to the People’s Choice Award winners:

  • 1st Place – Rai’s Rendezvous
  • 2nd Place – Ford’s Fish Shack
  • 3rd Place – DC Prime

We would also like to offer a big shout out to our Sponsors this year.  This event could not happen without your support!

Toth Financial, AR Event Rentals, Carol A. Kearney, John Nugent & Sons, Lucrum Partners, Rescue One, River Bend Insurance, SpeedPro, XCAL, AVFRD’s Hump Day Crew, and Brenda MacEoin.

Lastly, we extend our sincerest appreciation to Old Ox Brewery! Your unwavering support is the backbone of this event, making it possible year after year. Until we gather again next year… Thank you!


Judges’ Choice Award – 1st Place – DC Prime

People’s Choice Award – 1st Place – Rai’s Rendezvous


1st Place – Loudoun Chamber Champions – 18.70 seconds

2nd Place – BTI360 – 20.15 seconds

3rd Place – Friday TT606 – 21.47 seconds