Volunteer as a Administrative Service Member at AVFRD!

Do you want to serve your community, make new friends and be a part of our tradition?  Join AVFRD as a member of our support services auxiliary!

Administrative Service members are the backbone of the AVFRD, providing the non-emergency services that support the daily operations and mission of the department. AVFRD needs individuals to lead and assist in many areas and with many jobs, including:

  • Building and Equipment Maintenance: Groundskeepers, Maintenance Agreements Coordinator
  • Community Relations and Education: Neighborhood Liaisons, School Coordinators, Station Tour Guides
  • Financial and Document Management: Scholarship Manager, Historians, Record Keepers, Bookkeeper, Database Administrator
  • Fundraising: Grant Writers, Event Planners/Project Managers, Corporate Sponsor Seekers
  • Publicity and Marketing: Writers, Graphic Designers, Media Relations Liaison, Video and Multimedia Specialists
  • Recruitment and Membership: Volunteer Coordinators, Recruitment Activities Coordinator, Retention/Appreciation Event Planners, Awards and Recognition Manager, Survey Coordinator

The AVFRD is also looking for volunteers to help provide staffing for events. Contact us at eventhelp@ashburnfirerescue.org if you are interested in working an event.

We do most of our work (non-operations) through a committee structure. Getting involved in a committee is the best way to engage on the support services side, and for our operational members to give a little bit more of their time and unique talents to the mission of our company.  Our committees include:

Responsible for marketing/branding, messaging AVFRD events, public safety education, and developing relationships with businesses in our response areas.

  • Marketing: Develops marketing messages and campaigns to support various initiatives, drive public support and understanding of our mission and value.
    • Publicity: Responsible for print advertising/event promotion.
    • Online Presence: Maintains our various internet properties, including social media, AshburnFireRescue.org website, and web-based advertising.
    • Branding/Graphics: Develops and maintains brand-consistent images, graphics, and documents.  Ensures quality and consistency of print and web-based materials.
  • Business Networking: Works to establish relationships with businesses in our community to increase donations/sponsorship, collaborative public education events, and other initiatives.
  • Public Education: Generally responsible for providing public safety education to citizens and organizations in our first due areas.
    • Open House: Coordinates our two annual Open House events.
    • Public Events: Coordinates events where an AVFRD presence is requested (schools, sporting events, station tours, etc.)
Offers administrative support to operations programs and personnel.

  • Building Committee: Reviews and recommends improvements to AVFRD properties.  Maintains and repairs AVFRD properties.
  • Scene Support/Canteen/Photo: Dispatched to emergency scenes to provide assistance in rehab, photography and other support as needed.
  • Officer Assistants: Acts as administrative assistants to chief officers and line officers.
Recruitment – Generally tasked with bring new members to AVFRD

  • Member Search: Identifies needs and methods for attracting new talent.  Helps to organize recruitment campaigns and targeted recruitment for specific skill sets.
  • Membership Onboarding/Volunteer Recruit School: From inquiry to application to Volunteer Recruit School, this committee makes sure that recruits that we find are successfully transitioned into the company.
  • Mentoring: Follow-up to VRS, ensuring new members understand our environment and get engaged in meaningful work for the company.
  • Explorer Post: Runs the Boy Scouts of America Explorers Post at AVFRD

Retention Generally tasked with finding ways to keep members active and happy in the department.

  • Recognition/Appreciation: Identifies and implements programs to recognize achievements, extra efforts, and dedication of our members.
  • Company Events: Coordinates in-house events (for our members).
    • In-house Events: General events (company meetings, picnics, etc.)
    • Banquet: Coordinates annual banquet/awards/officer installation
  • Benefits: Coordinates and expands benefits available to our members.
    • Retirement: Administers the points system for retirement and other benefits.
    • Scholarships: Administers internal scholarship programs.
  • Member Development/Company Culture: Identifies methods and programs to develop leadership and a deeper sense of company values and culture for our membership.
Responsible for overall efforts to raise funds and generate revenue for the department

  • Grants: Searches for and writes grants for specific programs.
  • Fundraising: Generall fundraising efforts, including the following sub-committee efforts:
    • Pancake Breakfast
    • Chili Cookoff
    • Christmas Tree Sale
    • Photo Fund Drive
    • Letter Campaign
Oversees special initiatives and bylaws-mandated committees.

  • Planning Committee: Review the capabilities of the Department and make recommendations to the Department for the upgrading of facilities, equipment and membership training.
  • Special Investigative: This committee shall review any matter involving member suspension/termination referred to it by the Board of Directors or requested to do so by any member subject to suspension/termination
  • Legal: Review contracts and other legal matters as requested by the Board of Directors or company officers.
  • Bylaws: Oversee the requested additions, deletions and changes to the Bylaws and to propose Bylaw modifications as needed or requested.
  • Data Analytics: Identify opportunities for collecting data across the various functions of the department.  Provides systems for collecting and analyzing data to identify trends and opportunities.
  • SAFER Administration: Administers the SAFER grant-funded programs and reporting on the use of the grant.
Generally responsible for information technology use and provisioning for the department.

  • Software Development: Develop AVFRD.net and Lightbar Maps apps for the department.
  • IT Ops/Facilities: General IT support (desktops, servers, printers, WiFi, website, networking, security, Google Apps, etc.)
  • Point of Sale: Administers our point-of-sale apps and hardware, and eCommerce for website.