Volunteer Interest Meeting and Application Process

We have a Volunteer Interest Meeting on the last Tuesday of every month, starting at 7:00 p.m. at Station 6 in Ashburn. Please come to ask questions, get information & continue the paperwork requirements for membership.


Start the application process in advance. Complete the Online Volunteer Application prior to attending the Volunteer Interest Meeting. AVFRD will then interview references and conduct criminal history and driving history checks. Prospective operational members must complete a physical exam and drug screening.  The application can also be faxed to 703-729-6177.

Volunteer Recruit School

After completing the application process and being accepted as probationary members by the Board of Directors, all members (operational and administrative) must attend Loudoun County Orientation and complete in-station Volunteer Recruit School (VRS). This training orients all new members to station history, station procedures, and communications. Operational recruits are also introduced to all apparatus, equipment, ambulance operations and fire behavior, issued their gear, and are required to pass a physical agility test.

  • VRS classes are held on evenings and Saturdays.
  • Recruit class members are also asked to complete a service component as a team, as identified by the Company President.

Probationary Membership/Duty Crew Assignment

Operational members who complete and pass VRS are assigned to a duty crew and cleared to ride any apparatus but are considered probationary members (“red hats”) until they have completed Firefighter and/or EMT. All mandated training is provided at no cost to the AVFRD member.

Prerequisites Classes to Attending Fire and EMS School

The following classes are prerequisites for attending Fire or EMS School:

  • Loudoun County Orientation
  • Health Care Provider CPR Certification
  • Hazardous Materials Awareness (EMS only)

Fire and EMS School

Fire training provides the following:  Firefighter I, Firefighter II, Hazardous Materials Operations and other required training.  Firefighter combines classroom study and practical scenarios.  Upon completing the course and passing the test, students will be Virginia State certified.

  • The EMT course includes classroom study, practical scenarios and clinical rotations in a hospital emergency room.
  • Upon completing the course and passing the tests, students will be National Registry EMT and Virginia State certified and will practice under the license of the Loudoun County EMS director.
  • The Loudoun County Fire and Rescue Department (LCFRD) provides all training in Leesburg. Training is offered on evenings and weekends.

Rookie Firefighter/EMT Preceptorship

Once members have successfully completed Firefighter I and II, they will have the necessary basic skills to function as released firefighters in the state of Virginia. Recruits must complete their “Probie Manual” and demonstrate a defined list of skills to be issued a yellow helmet and considered Rookie Firefighters. Members who successfully complete EMT class will begin AVFRD’s Preceptorship Program, which lasts approximately six months. This program is intended to provide a reasonable degree of assurance that EMTs who are released as entry-level Attendants in Charge (AIC) have been monitored and trained in the wide range of skills that are conducive for proper patient care.