Fire Suppression Information

Capabilities & Staffing

Ashburn’s fire suppression volunteers are trained to respond to a variety of incidents in Ashburn and surrounding Loudoun County, including:

  • House Fires
  • Building Fires
  • Carbon Monoxide Alarms
  • Inside & Outside Gas Leaks
  • Wires Down
  • Automobile Lock Outs
  • Fuel Leaks
  • Auto Fires
  • Elevator Entrapment
  • Brush Fires
  • Mulch Fires
  • Dumpster Fires
  • Lightning Strikes
  • Chimney Fires
  • Hazardous Materials
  • Broken Water Pipes

Ashburn firefighters staff engines at both stations 6 & 22, as well as a tower and or truck from station 6 from 6pm – 6am daily, and also provide daytime coverage for our County career staff on occasion.
Engines require a minimum of three firefighters (officer, driver, firefighter), while the tower/truck company requires a minimum of 4.  With two engines and a tower in service daily, AVFRD has at least 10 firefighters on-duty and ready to respond.  Our additional volunteer EMS staffing increases this number to at least 14 volunteers providing coverage during any given shift; often Ashburn is covered by 20 or more dedicated volunteers responding from stations 6 & 22.


AVFRD responds to all incidents in Loudoun County’s 6 and 22 boxes (see our coverage map for details).  For larger incidents (structure fires, gas leaks, etc.), our neighboring departments from Leesburg, Sterling, Arcola and career staff from Station 23 (Broadlands) are also dispatched.  Likewise, AVFRD units are dispatched to neighboring areas as needed.  Some nearby stations in Loudoun County do not have specialty apparatus like AVFRD’s Tower 606 and Truck 606, so these units are typically added to more calls.
As part of the Loudoun County Fire Rescue Department (LCFR), Ashburn units are dispatched in accordance with the Northern Virginia Emergency Response Services (NoVA) guidelines.  For house/structure fires, the first-alarm dispatch includes:

  • 4 Engine Companies
  • 2 Tower/Truck Companies
  • 1 Rescue
  • 1 BLS Transport Unit
  • 1 EMS Supervisor
  • 2 Battalion Chiefs
  • 1 Safety Officer
  • 1 Command Aide

With teamwork between our neighboring departments, we are able to provide resources to meet the emergency needs of our community.