Two Nights, Two Routes for 2020
Friday, December 11th and Saturday, December 12th

Santa Arrives in Ashburn on a Big Yellow Fire Truck

Come on out and celebrate as Santa cruises thru the streets of Ashburn, spreading Christmas Cheer, with the volunteers of AVFRD.  Santa will be expanding his route this year and making his way further into some of our neighborhoods.  Due to COVID-19, we encourage you to come out to your driveways, your yards and your porches as Santa rides by.  PLEASE follow social distancing restrictions and precautions and do not have large gatherings.  We strive to stay on route, but please keep in mind, route is subject to change due to timing, unforeseen traffic and/or road conditions.

Follow us on our Facebook page Ashburn Volunteer Fire Rescue Department, as Glympse tracks Santa on his ride.

Friday, December 11th

Saturday, December 12th


  1. Leave Station 22 (Lansdowne) at 5:00pm.
  2. L onto Riverside Pkwy.
  3. R onto River Creek Pkwy.
  4. R onto Shoal Creek Drive. (enter River Creek Community).
  5. R onto Olympic Blvd,
  6. L onto River Creek Pkwy.
  7. 2nd L onto Parkers Ridge Drive,
  8. 4th R onto Upper Meadow Dr, (cross over Riverside Pkwy to Kingsport Dr),
  9. 2nd L Rocky Creek Drive.
  10. R River Creek Pkwy.
  11. At light L onto Kipheart Dr.
  12. L onto Riverpoint Dr.
  13. Just before ‘dead end’ sign
  14. R onto Kipheart Dr.
  15. (1st exit in circle) onto Carradoc Farm Terrace.
  16. L onto Accokeek.
  17. R onto Kipheart Dr.
  18. L on Quiver Ridge Dr.
  19. At Stop sign
  20. R River Point Dr.
  21. Straight thru traffic Circle.
  22. 3rd R onto Coton Hall St.
  23. At Stop sign R River Point Dr.
  24. L onto Lansdowne Blvd. (cross over Rt 7).
  25. R onto Russell Branch. (ENTER Belmont Country Club).
  26. L onto Tournament Pkwy.
  27. 2nd exit in circle – continue on Tournament.
  28. (EXIT Belmont Country Club).
  29. Cross over Gloucester Pkwy.
  30. (ENTER Alexandra’s Grove).
  31. Alexandra’s Grove Dr. R onto Gloucester.
  32. (cross over Claiborne Pkwy).
  33. 1st L onto Laurel Ridge Dr.
  34. 5th L onto Millstead Dr.
  35. At end L onto Camellia St.
  36. 1st R onto Boxwood Pl.
  37. 1st R onto Hibiscus Dr.
  38. L onto Ashburn Rd.
  39. 1st R onto Courtland Dr.
  40. L onto Ashburn Village Blvd.
  41. R onto Russell Branch Pkwy.
  42. R onto Navajo.
  43. R onto Lumbee Way.
  44. (end of Ride at this point).
  45. L onto Russell Branch Pkwy.
  46. R onto Claiborne.
  47. L onto Riverside Pkwy.
  48. L onto Sandridge.
  49. End at Station 22.


  1. Leave Station 6 (Ashburn) at 5:00pm.
  2. R onto Ashburn Road.
  3. R onto Gloucester Pkwy.
  4. R onto Grottoes Dr.
  5. L onto Glenhazel Dr.
  6. At end, R onto Tavern Drive.
  7. R onto Ashburn Village Blvd.
  8. (cross over bridge).
  9. R onto Bruceton Mills Circle.
  10. R onto Fowlers Mill Circle.
  11. R onto Bruceton’s Mills Circle.
  12. R onto Ashburn Village Blvd.
  13. (go past lake).
  14. R onto Chelterham Circle.
  15. R onto Ashburn Village Blvd.
  16. (cross over Farmwell/pass shopping plaza).
  17. R onto Michener.
  18. At end L onto Hemingway.
  19. L onto Faulkner Pkwy.
  20. R onto Regency Dr.
  21. L onto Hyde Park Dr.
  22. L onto Hartley Place.
  23. R onto Shellhorn.
  24. L onto Waxpool.
  25. (pass by ashburn rd/over greenway).
  26. R onto Demott Drove.
  27. L onto Vestals Gap Drive.
  28. (cross over Claiborne).
  29. At end, R onto Glebe View Drive.
  30. L onto Broadlands Blvd.
  31. R onto Belmont Ridge Rd.
  32. R onto Hay Rd.
  33. 2nd L onto Charter Oaks.
  34. L onto Middlebury.
  35. 3rd stop R onto Chesterton.
  36. L onto Hartwell Street.
  37. R onto Brookton Way.
  38. R onto Portsmouth.
  39. (cross over Claiborne to Breezy Hill).
  40. R onto Hay Rd.
  41. (cross over Claiborne).
  42. 2nd L onto Wintergrove Drive.
  43. R onto Claiborne.
  44. (cross over Ashburn Farm).
  45. 1st L onto Windmill.
  46. R onto Ashburn Farm Pkwy.
  47. 2nd R onto Golden Meadow Circle.
  48. R onto Ashburn Farm Pkwy.
  49. Left onto Ashburn Road.
  50. Back to Station 6