AVFRD held its groundbreaking ceremony Thursday~ May 22nd~ at Station 6 on Ashburn Road. In attendance were AVFRD Vice President Carl Cowan~ Board of Supervisors Reps Shawn Williams and Ralph Buona~ Loudoun County Fire-Rescue Chief Keith Brower~ AVFRD Chief Miguel Quijano~ and AVFRD President Don Graham. Also~ President Graham made the following points in his speech: With the pouring of the apparatus floor in the upper bays the founding members laid the foundation for a life saving organization for years to come. Our new facility will continue that proud tradition. I trust the founding members would be proud of us as we embark on this next important milestone of the proud history of AVFRD. I work in the IT industry and that industry encourages new thinking by providing incubator facilities where someone can come in with a new~ fresh idea and receive guidance and support as they develop the idea to action. AVFRD is also an incubator for fire fighters and EMS personnel. We take in young people of all ages and provide them training and guidance as they develop their skills. Some of my proudest moments are when our volunteers transition to a career position within Loudoun County or surrounding cities and states.