Pictured below: Garret rocks the uniform! Pictured below: Garret with Kathy Weil~ Mom Holly Owens~ Dad John Owens and AVFRD Staff Officers~ President Don Graham~ Deputy Chief Kevin Piatt~ and Chief Miguel Quijano Pictured below: Garret with mom and dad at NYAJ Fundraiser. Garret’ Story: Six year old Garret Owens is a regular at Ashburn Volunteer Fire and Rescue Department~ working alongside his mom~ member Holly Owens~ who joined us in the administrative function in July of 2013. Along with his dad~ John Owens~ he often contributes as much manpower and man hours as any other member~ helping out around the station and at most AVFRD events. Owen takes direction patiently and well; and he works extremely hard. Recently~ Garret visited the home of fellow administrative member~ Kathy Weil~ while his dad did some work on some light fixtures in Kathy’ home. While they waited for dad~ John~ to finish the work~ Garret and Kathy took a walk to a neighborhood park. Kathy began to feel unwell and eventually lost consciousness in an area of the park which was not visible to those passing by. Immediately~ Garret realized that Kathy needed help and flagged down someone in another area of the park. Garret was able to get help for Kathy~ get her home~ and eventually to the hospital later that night. Kathy calls Garret her Hero and credits him with saving her life. We all hope that our children will learn to respond to an emergency in a calm and efficient manner~ correctly evaluating and reacting to an emergency situation. Garret~ at six years old~ exemplifies this ideal. And~ Yes…. Garret says he wants to be a firefighter someday. We only hope that when that day comes~ he will join us at Ashburn Volunteer Fire and Rescue Department!