We are proud of our Volunteer-led effort to design and build the new Station 6.  The new station mixes architecture relevant to our community’s history and fire service tradition with the modern conveniences demanded of a busy fire and rescue station.  With an eye to detail as well as functionality, Station 6 was built to withstand time and the elements to continuously serve the people of Ashburn with rapid response to fire, rescue and emergency medical situations.

Here are some interesting facts and figures on the new station, in comparison to the original (c. 1947) building that stood on the same grounds until 2014.

FactOriginal StationNew Station 6
Station Building Sqft13,65029,225
Training Area175 Sqft1,450 Sqft
Toilet room fixtures913
 Showers 3 7
 Exercise Room 0 Sqft 400 Sqft
 Bricks used 106,000 (20 different shapes)
 Cinder Blocks 19,800 (10 different shapes/sizes)
 Concrete Masonry Units 8,800 (45 different shapes/sizes/colors)
 Pre-cast stone 464 (from 85 hand-cut molds)
 Wall thickness 8″ 17″
 Windows 16 62
 Skylights 0 27*
 Cost of New Station Approx $8m**
  • *Skylights are solar tubes that focus sunlight into the building, reducing our energy requirements and costs.
  • **Represents a significant cost reduction vs. stations recently built with all public funds.