What is the minimum age to volunteer?

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18 is the minimum age to be a fully functional operational (firefighter/EMT) volunteer. We offer a junior volunteer program for 16-17 year olds (https://ashburnfirerescue.org/volunteer/junior/).  Administrative volunteers can join at age 16.

What if I have to miss my duty crew night?

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We all have families, jobs and even like to take a vacation once in a while.  If you can't make it to your assigned duty crew, you are responsible for finding another member with the same or higher qualifications to cover your shift.  Notify your officer and make every effort [...]

How will I find the time to volunteer?

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Our volunteers come from all walks of life. By day, we're dentists, accountants, mechanics, nurses, former military personnel, students, homemakers, sales representatives. We're parents and grandparents. One night a week, we fulfill our role as volunteer firefighters and EMT's calming fears, easing minds, saving lives. We won't lie to you; [...]

Is there a tax benefit?

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Currently, the county will pay for property tax on one vehicle provided you fulfill the requirements for the tax break and live in Loudoun County. The requirements are based on the number of hours spent volunteering and attendance at monthly station meetings.

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