Do heights bother you? Can you imagine climbing to 100 feet~ straight up~ way~ way up~ supported by only a skinny little ladder~ as the wind blows and the ladder sways under your weight? Even though firefighters are trained to do this~ it is not an everyday event! Five of our bravest have agreed to the Challenge – to demonstrate their skills at the upcoming Open House. As an added incentive they are raising money to sponsor their ascent up that 100 foot ladder. You can sponsor a firefighter’ or Administrative member’ climb. Follow the donation link below. At the bottom of the donations page~ look for “I want my donation to be designated toward:” and select “Ladder Climb” from the drop down menu. You will be contacted to select the person you are sponsoring. Sponsorships will also be accepted on the day of Open House~ Sunday~ October 4th. Last climber will go up~ way~ way up at 3:15 PM. This year’ climbers are: Peter Falcone Kathi Haley Mital Ghandi~ Taylor Gibson Jonathan Whitbey To support the above brave climbers~ please click the Donate button below to make a donation through Network for Good.