Celebrate Labor Day with the AVFRD “Picnic-To-Go.”  Each to-go order includes:

  • One (1) Half Chicken Grilled in Pennsylvania Firehouse style
  • Dinner Roll
  • Choice of 2 Sides (Plain Utz Chips, Applesauce, Coleslaw, or Baked Beans with Bacon)
  • Choice of Drink (Birch Beer, Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Apple Eve Juice box, Bottle of Deer Park Water)
  • Chocolate Chip Cookie

Meal is being prepared onsite by AVFRD members.  One meal will contain a “Golden Ticket.”  Will you be that lucky person?

ORDER NOW AT:  Grilled Chicken Meal

All proceeds benefit the Ashburn Volunteer Fire & Rescue Department!