Twas the night before Christmas and all through the firehouse,
All First Responders were resting and ready to pounce.
The trucks were all waiting, the ambulances too
In hopes of running with sirens and flashing lights that are red, not blue.

The firefighters were all snug in their beds
While visions of calls danced in their heads.
The EMTs with their 12-leads in first aid packs
And the Probies in red shirts had all just
Settled in for a short little nap.

When out in the bay they heard the tones drop,
They sprang from their cots
With a jump and a hop.
Away to the rigs they ran in a dash,
Tying boots and grabbing coats
Opening bay doors and making lights flash.

The moon on the streets
Was bright and aglow
Thankfully giving the luster of daylight
For all in tow.

As they raced down the streets the address was double checked
While they looked to see if the call was a medical
Or a fire, or maybe a wreck.

When what to their astonished ears did they hear?
It was the cracking of the radio with a
Message from dispatch, oh dear.

“Go back into service, take the night to rest,
All is quiet – the emergency is clear”.

More rapid than tops they turned those rigs around,
Making a U-Turn that was not very slow, nor very quick
Because they noticed the roads were dry
Not icy, not slick.

The chief was radioing them all and calling by name
Now engines, now trucks, now tillers, now tower, now ambulances, now firefighters, now EMTs, and red shirts too.

Head back to the station the emergency is over,
It’s finished, that’s true.
They drove through the neighborhood,
Drove into the night.

They noticed it was sprinkling snow on the roof,
As they pulled into the station to write a report
Because when you don’t show you have to have proof.

First they backed the trucks in
And hooked them to the battery port.
Took off their coats, and boots saying
“Gee that call was short”.

They went into the break room,
They were all wide awake
Some grabbed water, some grabbed a cup
To fill with coffee or cocoa that was chocolate.

They looked at each other, sat silently and still
Knowing it could be a long night
and decided to just chill.

The chief said ‘get some sleep”
And giving a nod, up the stairs he arose.

Cups were put down, and to beds they did creep
Across their faces were smiles,
Even though they all were a little weary and kind of, sort of tired.

Then they called to each other and the neighborhood wide
“Merry Christmas to all in Ashburn and to all a good night.”
(by: Jennifer Horvath, AVFRD Volunteer)

Happy Holidays from our house to your house!