This month our Spotlight is on Kimia Teymouri. Kimia has been a volunteer EMT at AVFRD since August 2021. She stays busy, completing her third year of college while also attending paramedic school. She is currently doing her clinical rotations at the hospital. Kimia volunteers at the station three to four nights a week.

Kimia became an EMT to help people. When asked what she likes the best and the least about being an EMT, Kimia answered that although the job is demanding, both physically and mentally, she loves that she makes a difference in people’s lives. EMTs often show up at the worst time in somebody’s life. Having the opportunity to bring relief to a patient and their families is very rewarding. Conversely, seeing people at their worst can also be traumatizing. There will always be a call that gets to you. That’s when being surrounded by a family of co-workers who share the same mentality, interests and outlook is invaluable.

Training to become an EMT takes about three months. After graduation, there is a precepting process in order to be released as an AIC (Attendant-in-Charge). The precepting process takes between 6 months and a year, depending on the number of calls run. But EMT training is ongoing. No two calls are alike, so the learning never stops!

On her days off, Kimia loves spending time with her family. She tries to travel, and to do some camping when she get the chance. She moved to America with her family about five years ago, and recently they all became U.S. citizens. Kimia was honored and proud to have her fire station family at the ceremony to celebrate with her.

Kimia’s advice for anyone considering becoming an EMT? Enjoy it! Have fun! Learn! And very importantly, take care of yourself. There will be good days, bad days, up days, down days, but never a boring day.