Administrative members are the backbone of AVFRD, providing the non-emergency services that support the daily operations and mission of the department. AVFRD needs individuals to lead and assist in many areas and with many jobs, including:

  • Publicity and Marketing: Writers, Graphic Designers, Media Relations Liaison, Video and Multimedia Specialists
  • Fundraising: Grant Writers, Event Planners/Project Managers, Corporate Sponsor Seekers
  • Community Relations and Education: Neighborhood Liaisons, School Coordinators, Station Tour Guides
  • Recruitment and Membership: Volunteer Coordinators, Recruitment Activities Coordinator, Retention/Appreciation Event Planners, Awards and Recognition Manager, Survey Coordinator
  • Building and Equipment Maintenance: Groundskeepers, Maintenance Agreements Coordinator
  • Financial and Document Management: Scholarship Manager, Historians, Record Keepers, Bookkeeper, Database Administrator
  • AVFRD is also looking for workers to help provide staffing for events. Contact us at if you are interested in working an event.

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