Ashburn Volunteer Fire and Rescue Department personnel joined with over 600 of our neighbors from Ashburn and surrounding communities to restore the old Ashburn Colored School following an incident of vandalism that left the building marred with racist and vulgar graffiti.  The building is less than a quarter mile from Ashburn’s Fire Station 6, on Ashburn Road.  The the single-room schoolhouse opened in 1892, offering black children in northern Virginia a rare opportunity to receive an education.  The school provided classes for over 6 decades, including during the height of segregation.
For the past two years, local students from the Loudoun School for the Gifted have fund-raised and worked to convert the aging wooden structure into a museum.  The restoration effort brought the community together for a common good and helped to raise awareness of the project.  Thanks to those who volunteered their time and offered their financial support and resources to protect and preserve this important symbol in our community.