AVFRD is proud to reveal a new EMS patch for our department.  The EMS patch is similar in styling to our engine company and truck company patches.  The bee (part of the Ashburn Swarm), sports a blue EMS helmet with the number 6 for the Ashburn Ambulance Company 6 and carries a red house bag with a 22 for the Landsdowne Ambulance Company 22.  The new patch comes as AVFRD introduces our new ambulances with an updated yellow and black color scheme to match our new engines.
Watch for our new patch to appear on our uniforms when you see us out and about in the community, and know that our EMS and fire crews are ready to swarm in response to your call from both Station 6 and Station 22 if ever you need our help.

Ashburn Ambulance 22 in new Yellow and Black color scheme