The Ashburn Volunteer Fire and Rescue Department (AVFRD) held its Annual Banquet and Awards dinner on Saturday, April 1, 2023.  Hosted by President Josh Townsend and supported by the Board of Directors and many volunteers, the evening honored our volunteer members and the thousands of hours given collectively to the community. Attendees and their guests had an opportunity to celebrate with food, fun, and camaraderie.

AVFRD is pleased to announce the following recognitions and awards:

  • Rookie EMS of the Year – EMT Kevin Wetmore
  • Rookie Firefighter of the Year – Johnnie Pfalmer
  • BLS Provider of the Year – EMT Kimia Teymouri
  • ALS Provider of the Year – Sgt./Paramedic Sam Bosserman
  • Firefighter of the Year – FF/EMT Ryan Borrell and FF/EMT Charles Li
  • EMS Officer of the Year – Lt. Dan Doherty
  • Fire Officer of the Year – Sgt. Tom Willis
  • EMS Training Impact – Paramedic Augie Rosas
  • Chief Costello Award – Platoon Captain David Holtz
  • Rookie Administrative Member of the Year – Leah Lutz
  • Administrative Member of the Year – John DeLooper

In addition, the following AVFRD members were honored and recognized for their contributions to the department.

  • Top 5 Operational Standby Volunteer Hours: Jake Karabetian (3165 hours), FF/EMT Ryan Borrell (1,565 hours), Sgt. Brian Romola (1,459 hours), Sgt./Paramedic Sam Bosserman (1,292 hours), and EMT Kimia Teymouri (1,237).
  • Top 5 Non-Emergency Volunteer Hours: Christie Quijano (2,278 hours), Samantha Bailey (1,692 hours), Loring Dixon (1,157 hours), Selena MacArthur (1,029 hours), and Lt. Marvin Boyd (961 hours).

The following members were recognized for their length of service with AVFRD:

  • 5 Years – Firefighter/EMT Jennifer Abate, Advanced EMT Adil Ather, John Carey, FF/AEMT Sara Cuschleg, EMT Sophia Kammann, FF/EMT Andrew King, FF/EMT David Kloosterboer, FF/EMT Tyler Lafollette, Lt. Sara Phillips, Advanced EMT Alexandra Quist, Donna Stuck, EMT Anna Tsutsui, EMT-B Bianca Walker, and Sgt. John Woulfe
  • 10 Years: Abena Bonso-Bruce, Chief Bill Graham, EMT Casandra Han, FF/EMT Alex Horvath, FF/EMT Ashwani Kumar, Firefighter Jeffrey Provencal, Sgt. Brian Romola, and Yash Sinha
  • 15 Years: Deborah DeVito and FF/EMT Hawley Hansen
  • 20 Years: Joshua Adler
  • 25 Years: Daniel Davidson and Christie Quijano
  • 30 Years: Barbara Murphy

Life Members who have passed and were honored with a moment of silence include Walton Bruce Eamich, Jr., Cindy Habib, and Robert T. Howser.

Members Matthew Brunini, Madeleine Adler, and Emma Wetmore were recipients of the “Ray Muth Scholarship.”

AVFRD wishes to offer proud congratulations for the above individuals who continue to live the motto “Neighbors Helping Neighbors.” To learn more about Ashburn Fire & Rescue Department and how you can become involved, please visit

The Ashburn Volunteer Fire and Rescue Department (AVFRD) is committed to protecting the lives and property of Ashburn and Loudoun County residents and visitors by providing the best possible fire, rescue, emergency, and medical response services. We pledge to perform our duty with courage and dedication. We also strive to be active in our community and proactive with public education and prevention campaigns.