Ryan Borrell has been volunteering as a firefighter at AVFRD since August 2016. When asked why he became a volunteer firefighter, Ryan answered that he enjoys the challenge and the ability to constantly test oneself.  “Fire is a formidable enemy” he states, combating it “satisfies my warrior spirit”. 

Although he considers training to be always ongoing, Ryan attended fire school in Loudoun County for approximately six months – 2 nights a week and Saturdays. Dr. Morgan, the medical director, also requires firefighters to have basic EMT certification, requiring three months of training. 

Ryan chose AVFRD because of the proximity to his home and the equipment available at AVFRD. The engine and ladder truck allows the department to fight fires in multiple ways. As a volunteer, he values the comradery of his crew and the ability to choose what he would like to help with. For the past couple of years, Ryan has really enjoyed training the newer firefighters in his crew. He feels that “tailoring the training is a key to producing competent firefighters”. 

Dr. Ryan Borrell is a chiropractor by day and owns Spring Chiropractic in Ashburn. He grew up in Loudoun County and is a proud Stone Bridge alumni. In his spare time, he is restoring his Ford Fairlane and enjoys playing video games.  

Ryan recently became a live-in at the station. Live-ins are required to run three 12-hour shifts per week. He made the decision when he became a released driver pump operator. He hopes to shorten the learning curve of driving the engine with the additional time at the station. 

His advice for those considering becoming a firefighter? “Do it!” The experience will teach you how strong you can be when put to the test.