The noise you might be hearing at the start of every shift (appx. 6am and 6pm) is likely the sound of various emergency vehicles being checked and maintained by the volunteers. As part of their routine, they run through a comprehensive check-out and maintenance list for all the apparatus, including the engine, tower or tiller, and ambulances. This process ensures that everything is in proper working order and ready for service in case of emergencies.

During check-out, the volunteers inspect and test various components of the vehicles, such as lights, sirens, ladders, chainsaws, extrication tools, hose lines, EMS gear, and more. This is crucial to ensure that all equipment is functional, in date, and ready for immediate use when responding to emergency calls.

Additionally, the volunteers might engage in washing the vehicles as part of their maintenance routine to keep them clean and presentable. Clean and well-maintained vehicles not only reflect professionalism but also help to maintain the longevity of the equipment.

Overall, this check-out and maintenance process is a crucial aspect of the volunteer firefighters’ and EMTs’ responsibilities to ensure that they are well-prepared and equipped to respond effectively to emergencies and serve their community when needed.

The public is welcome to come and watch the check-out process! This provides an opportunity for the community to see the dedication and commitment of the volunteers in ensuring that their emergency response capabilities are always at their best.