The AVFRD Board of Directors for 2024 were elected at the Ashburn Volunteer Fire and Rescue Department’s annual elections during their December 2023 Company Meeting. The meeting convened both in person and via Teams, and the following members will be serving AVFRD for the 2024 term:

  • President: Josh Townsend
  • Vice President: Samantha Bailey
  • Secretary: Daniel Reep
  • Treasurer: Andrew King
  • Chief: Bill Graham
  • Assistant Fire Chief: Miquel Quijano
  • Assistant Rescue Chief: Michael Walsh
  • Assistant Secretary: Leah Lutz
  • Assistant Treasurer: Ryan Borrell

Additionally, the following members were elected to the BOD at Large positions:

  • Bobby Hidy for a 3-year term
  • Sara Phillips for a 3-year term
  • Brian Romola, serving a 1-year term as the Past President
  • Mike Ly for a 1-year term

Congratulations to the 2024 Leadership team, who will be officially sworn in during the Annual Awards and Installment Banquet in January 2024.