Station 6

Station 6, located on Ashburn Road, has been the home of Ashburn Volunteer Fire and Rescue Department since shortly after our founding in 1944.  Construction of the original station 6 was completed in 1947, using materials purchased from local merchants and funds raised by our surrounding community.

Over the years, the station was expanded to meet the needs of our growing community.  In 2014, construction began our the new Fire Station No. 6.  On March 2, 2016 the first call was run from the completed Station 6.

Beyond meeting the basic needs of housing, garage and living quarters for Company 6, the new building serves as a landmark for the Ashburn community, symbolizing the willingness of our citizens to come together in hard times to support each other.  Today, Station 6 houses Engine Co 6 & Truck Co 6, Medic Co 6 and Ambulance Co 6, supported by our 270 members and our friends in the Ashburn Community who continuously offer their support to our mission.

We invite you to learn more about Station 6’s history, experience the construction of the new station, take a virtual tour of the new station and to understand the project through interesting facts and figures that demonstrate the financial stewardship of AVFRD through the construction process.  If you’d like to see the station in-person, join us for an Open House or request a station tour for your organization.