“Every person should know the simple steps of Hands-Only CPR,” said Rescue Chief Kevin Piatt, from Ashburn Volunteer Fire Rescue Department. “We hope the Hands-Only CPR kiosk that was previewed at AVFRD’s Fall Open House really takes off – we’d love to see other high-traffic places and events do the same so more people can learn this lifesaving skill.”
The steps of CPR have been simplified to encourage more people to take action: If you see a teen or adult collapse, first call 9-1-1, then push hard and fast in the center of the chest to the beat of the Bee Gees’ song “Stayin’ Alive,” which has the perfect beat for proper CPR. With Hands-Only CPR, you don’t have to do rescue breaths – just keep pushing until emergency help arrives.
The AVFRD touch screen kiosk’s video program, powered by the LOOP CPR system, gives a brief introduction to the steps of Hands-Only CPR, followed by a practice session and a 30-second CPR test. The kiosk provides feedback about the depth, and rate of your compressions and proper hand placement.
“We care about the safety of our community,” said AVFRD Firefighter Joshua Townsend, who built the unit modeled after the American Heart Association model. “The more lifesavers we have in the community the better off we all are. It takes just a few minutes, and you never know when or where you might need to save a life.”
The project was made possible by a grant from ActiveHealth Management, a subsidiary of Aetna, and Farrukh Rashid. We share in the vision of improving health care through training and building skill sets and this kiosk will be an invaluable tool in raising awareness of steps that can save lives”, said Farrukh Rashid, who is not only a VP of ActiveHealth but also a volunteer at AVFRD.

Congresswoman Barbara Comstock trying our new Hands-Only CPR Kiosk at the Fall 2016 Open House.

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